Sacral Chakra Meditation

One of the most important discoveries I have made on my spiritual search has been the knowledge of the chakras.  The chakras, or the energy centers of our physical and subtle

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

bodies are the energetic blueprints of our lives.  Understanding the chakras, cleansing them, and activating them are key to physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being that we desire and this is our natural birthright.

I currently have a client who suffers from a chronic condition that began when she about 8 years old.  The sacral chakra rules the years between 7-14 and so, considering that age her condition began, along with information received energetically from her ancestors, guides, and her physical body itself, it became clear that the sacral chakra and working its energy was a key component to the restoration of her health.

The sacral chakra is the second chakra of the seven major chakras and is located a few inches above the navel, Called “svadhisthana” in Sanskrit, which translates to “one’s own abode” the sacral chakra governs our emotional well-being and our ability to be at home with who we are.  It is associated with the color orange, a mix of red (the root chakra) and yellow (the solar plexus chakra) and thus combines those two energies, providing an emotional connection to security (the root) and owning one’s personal power (solar plexus).  The sacral chakra is associated with the water element, which helps us to understand that it is receptive and helps us establish a natural rhythm and flow in our lives.

The sacral chakra governs the sexual organs, the bladder, the bowel, and the lower intestine.  When it is in a healthy state, expressing emotions openly and freely is easy, expressing your sexuality is joyful, and there are no physical problems in the areas the sacral chakra governs.

When the sacral chakra is un-energized, lack of emotion, low sexual energy or frigidity, fertility problems, and issues with the bowel and the intestines, like Crohn’s Disease, manifest.  Conversely, when the sacral is over-energized there is a tendency to be over-emotional, to be overly-attached to people and things, and to make everything about sex.

Using meditation time to re-energize the sacral chakra is relatively easy.  I always find it helpful to create affirmations to serve as mantras to maintain focus and direct the energy of the meditation.  Some examples of sacral chakra affirmations are:

  • I express my emotions freely and in a healthy way.
  • I am creative and freely express my creativity.
  • I am perfect just as I am.
  • I am fertile and am able to bring forth life.

Once you have one to two affirmations, prepare your sacred space as you normally do and then ground and center. Begin to visualize an orange ball of energy a few inches above your navel.  Visualize white or golden light filling that ball of energy and brightening it, causing it to spin in its own rhythm.  Continue to visualize the orange ball of energy steadily grow brighter as you mentally repeat your affirmation(s).

Below is a meditation by Lisa Beachy that can guide you through cleaning and activating your sacral chakra.  It’s a little over 5 minutes so you can’t say you don’t have time to do it!  🙂

Please let me know if this information is helpful for you…and feel free to ask questions!


2 thoughts on “Sacral Chakra Meditation

  1. I-mpress Mcleod says:

    This was very Helpful. I have been experiencing problems in the areas that you mentioned above such as overly emotional and unbalanced sexual energy and have working with cleansing and attuning this chakra for a while now. Thanks again for this information.

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