Ritual: Sitting on the Earth

Connecting to Mother Nature is one of the most important practices that everyone, especially women, can do on a regular basis.  The current way we live is so far out of balance that we have lost our basic and natural connection to Earth and Her rhythms and cycles.

Sitting on the Earth is simple ritual we can do as often as we need, but is especially powerful in the spring and during this earthy, Taurean month.  This ritual should be done while sitting on a natural land (no concrete or asphalt).  It’s especially powerful when done at the base of a tree.  You can do this ritual for as lo


  • Water (to be used for libation)
  • A candle (a tea light or a candle that you can fit into the a small hole on the earth)
  • Incense of your choice; I suggest a sage stick

Choose your spot on the earth and arrange the materials around you.  If possible, place the water on your left, the candle on your right and the incense in front of you.  Take a little bit of the water and sprinkle it on the ground while saying a simple prayer of homage to the earth, Mother Nature, your ancestors, and the Creator.  Then take the incense and smudge/clean yourself off by running the smoke over your body starting from the top of your body and moving down.

After you say your libation and smudge, close your eyes and begin to take deep breaths through your nose and out of your mouth.  Begin to pay attention to the weight of your body; feel the ground beneath you.

After a few minutes of deep breathing and focus on your body touching the earth, begin to put your focus on your tailbone.  Imagine a point of light at the end of your tailbone.  See that light become a cord extending down from your tailbone, down into the earth, down past the roots of the tree, the dirt and the rocks, all the way down until you get to hot molten core of the earth.  Imagine this core as a golden light and see the cord from your tailbone connect to this beautiful golden light.  As you breathe in, imagine this golden light pulsating up the cord and into you tailbone and as you breathe out, imagine this light extending from your tailbone and into your aura, the energetic field around your body.

Continue breathing in and breathing out, imagining the light flowing up your cord and extending out for as long as you like.  Once you feel full of light, slowly wiggle your toes and your fingers to bring yourself back.  Open your eyes and take a moment to assess.  How did sitting on the earth feel?  Do you feel more connected to Mother Nature and the Earth?

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