Meditation Mondays: Affirmation Jar

April has been such a juicy month for me.  It seems like my mind and spirit are abuzz with light and creativity! I am thankful to the ancestors and Oshun for their positive energy!

In the past few months I have been deliberate about working with my sacral chakra.  I realize through prayer and meditation that my sacral chakra needs some cleansing and recharging.  The sacral chakra, an energy center that sits below the navel, is the seat of our emotions.  When we judge and hold back our emotions that access energy sits in the sacral chakra and becomes blocked, inhibiting us from flowing and moving with the energy of life.

Sometimes the sacral chakra (as well as other chakras) gets blocked due to traumatic occurences in life but sometimes we have karmic debt that becomes a residue on our chakras and impacts how they function.  I realized from looking at my natal astrological chart that I have karmic debt connected to my relationships with others and this debt is impacting my emotional state as well as my health.  Only through dealing with this energy head on and giving our spirits the space to heal will we overcome the karma, which is one the main reasons we incarnate in the first place.

I set up a sacral chakra altar in my shrine room to do regular meditation and ritual that will assist me in looking deeply at the unsettled emotions within myself, to look at the woman in the mirror, so that I can release energies that are holding my back.

One way that I have done this is by creating an affirmation jar.  I took a simple mason jar and wrapped it in yellow cloth (my altar is currently decorated in orange and gold, the colors of the sacral chakra).  I took some post-it notes and wrote simple affirmations to utilize during meditation.  It’s amazing how much comes to the surface through simple ritual practices.

Try it and tell me what you think!

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