Monthly Spotlight: Madame Omi Kongo

River of Honey Wellness is committed to honoring the Divine Feminine by celebrating the amazing work of Black Women. Every month we will feature a Black woman who embodies the Divine Mother by utilizing her Goddess-given talents and gifts to support the overall well-being of Black people.

This month we celebrate Madame Omi Kongo, a talented and powerful healer and spirit worker. Her interview is below.

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1) What is your full name or the name you go by and what does it mean?

I named myself Omi Kongo…

Kongo defines my fire, my spirit, people and bloodline- strong, resilient, and Divine DNA. Omi has many meanings. I usually tell people to “light a fire where the river and ocean meet and you’ll see me.” First and foremost, Omie McKnight was my great, great, great, great Aunt. She was a Juju Queen, you know, a conjure woman. And she could read anyone; she could see. She taught my Grandmother (her sister) how to work the root passed down the lifestyle through the women and it laid in my hands, literally. Omi also honors the Yoruba water spirits, Yemonja and Osun who have both claimed me as their daughter. Maternal, healing, enchanting, intuitive, reflective, strong, graceful, powerful, emotional, erotic, sensual, and so much more.


2) What is your profession and how long have you been doing this work? When did you get your nudge from the universe to do your work?

Im a Juju Queen. I run Kalunga Avenue, been reading cards for 7 years now, professionally for 4. I also have a new baby, Bantu byOmi, which is my handmade jewelry line. Ive made jewelry for about seven years now but mostly for myself and by request. I recently decided to take things to another level. I also write and I’m a full time digital design student. Ive got a lot in store, keep an eye out!

3) What is your spiritual tradition and how long have you been involved in this tradition?

I have sat at the feet of many elders of various traditions that I truly respect and will always keep their shared secrets in my trick bag. Though out my journey, I have found that my greatest training has been learned alone in the presence of my many spirits. I learned to work the Boveda from a strong and sweet Yemaya Priestess from Puerto Rico. The Boveda is my foundation. It is my EVERYTHING. Simply put, my tradition is ancestral and spiritual veneration. I am committed to honoring my spirits in the way in which they move me to do so through various mediums. I have dedicated my life and all my works to them. And because everything in life is spiritual cause and physical effect; if it does not honor them, I do not do it. When I make mistakes, they move me to correct them and I share my experiences with those who are receptive. This is my lifestyle, my tradition.


4) What is your life’s philosophy?

Be receptive, reflective, heal, grow, follow your spirit and live free.

5) What does the Divine Feminine mean to you?

So many words are synonymous. The Divine Feminine is the Ancestral Oracle, The healer, The Mystery, The Enchantment,The Intuition, The Power, The Reflection,The Water in its many forms, The Creative force, Nature and Nurture. It is the Goddess.

6) What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

Everything is relative to perspective and perception. What I once saw as my pain, I now see as my healer. What I once saw as necessary is now obsolete. I’ve learned to constantly shift my angle and viewpoint and see my spirits working at all times.

7) What is your website and what are some of the services you offer? | Offering Spiritual Consultations and Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Candle work, Spiritual baths, Reiki services, and more | Offering Adornments & Art


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