Spiritual Cleaning with Floor Washes

Spiritually cleaning your space is just as important as physically cleaning it. Just as dirt and dust easily gathers and accumulates, so does spiritual dirt, dust, and debris that, left uncleared, can create mental, emotional, and spiritual unrest, fatigue, and a general sense of feeling stuck and stagnant.

Luckily, spiritual cleaning is easy! With just a few ingredients and a little time you can have your space (and yourself!) spiritually cleansed in no time.

Floor Washes/Sprays

Floor Washes are solutions made with herbs, oils, spiritual colognes, and prayers for spiritual cleaning. Floor washes are similar to spiritual baths that can be used for spiritually cleaning your body. The major difference is that floor washes often include ammonia, something that you would never want to use on your body.

Floor Washes can be used as sprays if you have carpet. Your floors should be physically cleaned before being spiritually cleansed.

Floor Washes can be made with a variety of herbs or colognes used for cleaning. Below is one of my favorite recipes for a good cleaning.

*Florida Water
*Kananga Water
*Bay Rum
*Dried Bay Leaves
*Dried Epazote

You can purchase all of these ingredients at one of favorite online shops: http://www.originalbotanica.com

Set up a clean space in your kitchen and place a symbol of each of the four elements near your stove where you will be making your bath. You can use a white candle (fire), a crystal, stone or plant (earth), incense (air), and a glass of water (water).

Put water in a pot (at least 2 cups) and boil it. Once it boils, add all of your ingredients except ammonia. You can add as much or as little as you feel, but there is no need to overdo it (more ingredients doesn’t mean stronger cleaning). As you add your ingredients, pray that this wash will clean and clear away all negativity.

Take the pot off the heat and allow your wash to cool. You can take some of this wash and place in a separate container to use as a bath BEFORE ADDING THE AMMONIA! Once the bath cools, add a small amount (no more than two caps)of ammonia.

Your wash can now be added to water to cleanse your floors. You can add just a small amount to your floor water and store the rest; you don’t need a lot for the bath to be effective.

To cleanse, begin at the back of home and mop clockwise while praying.

If you have carpets, put your wash in a spray bottle and spray over your carpet, starting at the back of your home and spraying in a clockwise motion.

You can make a floor wash with many different combinations of herbs, oils, and colognes. Experiment and be creative!

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