Sun in Libra: Maintaining Balance

On September 23 the Sun moves into airy Libra, bringing us into a new season with the Equinox, when day and night are perfectly balanced as we prepare for longer nights and shorter days (in the Northern Hemisphere; our family in the Southern Hemisphere experiences the opposite effect).

This time of year is the season of the ancestors, a time of going within with gratitude for the bountiful harvest.  The holidays of this season — Halloween, All Souls Day, the Day of the Dead, Ghede Parties in Haitian Vodou — all point to the shadowy energy of this time.  As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer we face the darkness within and without to discover what is lurking beneath the surface.

The Sun is in the sign of Libra but in the constellation of grounded and detail-oriented Virgo, bringing a more stable and steady energy to this Libran month.  As an Air sign, Libra’s focus is on relationships and communication and, being ruled by Venus (femininity, attraction, and beauty), relationships and communication is refined.  Libra is relationship-oriented, preferring to focus on the needs of “the other” before the needs of “the self.”   In Libra, confrontation is avoided at all costs, for better or for worse.   Librans strive for balance and objectivity and are able to see sides of coin that don’t even exist to most people!  Libras greatest lesson for humanity is non-judgmental, unconditional love and its greatest need is clarity and decisiveness.

In Libra, with a Virgo influence, we focus on the particular way we approach our relationships with others.  How would you evaluate your relationships?  Are they healthy, balanced, and reciprocal?  Being too headstrong and aggressive doesn’t lead to healthy relationships but being a doormat isn’t a viable option either.  The key is balance — in how you treat others and how others treat you. 

For all of Libra’s refined communication, this month presents some challenges with communication.  We begin the month with Mercury in Retrograde in Libra, where it will remain until October 9.  Mercury, the planet of communication, will appear to be going backward and thus communication tends to be confusing and chaotic.  Along with this, we have Mars, the planet of drive and aggression, entering Libra on September 24. The decisive energy that Libra needs is more than available with this Mars placement but the goal is to be decisive without being aggressive in speech.  Putting honey on the tongue is a helpful way to bring sweetness to your words, especially for you hot fire signs! 

On September 25, Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn after a period of retrograde movement (seemingly moving backwards). Pluto eliminates all that is unnecessary and out-dated and, in Capricorn, Pluto tears down institutions and traditions that nolonger serve humanity.  In our personal lives, Pluto pushes us outside of our comfort zones, particularly in our careers and work lives.  This is a time to dream big…and Pluto is in this placement for another 8 years so you have ample time to use this energy for your benefit!

On September 28, we have a Full Super Moon in a lunar eclipse, in fiery and independent Aries. Lunar eclipses call us to embrace the shadow, repressed side of ourselves and, in Aries, we are called to draw upon our warrior nature.  This is a perfect balance to Libra, where we look out for both our needs and the needs of others.

For women, this time is especially important as our energy is naturally aligned with the Moon and Her cycles.  Take time for yourself.  Walk on the earth.  Charge your crystals and other spiritual items.  Do a ritual that honors yourself and your Divine Feminine.  A ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle. meditating, and affirming yourself.

On October 11, Jupiter in Virgo combines with Pluto in Capricorn to create a powerful energy to manifest goals and dreams into tangible realities. This is particularly powerful because on October 12, the Moon returns to newness in Libra.  New Moons are a time for introspection and going within to tap into our own power.  New Moons are also an excellent time to add power to your intentions and goals. Creating a vision board is the powerful tool to empower your intentions.  I remember doing creating a vision board for the new year and by the following year, almost everything I invisioned had manifested!  Spirit makes the impossible possible.


Additional Information for this Libra month:

Chakra: heart (and sacral)

Colors: blue, pink, green, orange

Herbs/Plants: burdock, thyme, angelica

Planet: Venus

Scents/Oils: jasmine, rose

Stones: citrine, chrysophase, rose quartz

Tarot: The Empress, Queen of Swords

“the lesson of the falling leaves

the leaves believe such letting go is love

such love is faith

such faith is grace

such grace is god

i agree with the leaves”

– Lucille Clifton

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