Monthly Spotlight: Afia Asaase BreTuo Oyonko

River of Honey Wellness is committed to honoring the Divine Feminine by celebrating the amazing work of Black Women. Every month we will feature a Black woman who embodies the Divine Mother by utilizing her Goddess-given talents and gifts to support the overall well-being of Black people.

This month we celebrate Afia Asaase BreTuo Oyonko, a talented artist and spirit worker, and one of my closest sista friends. Her interview is below.

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1) What is your name and what does it mean?

My name is Afia Asaase BreTuo Oyonko.

In my culture, your name is preordained by Nyamewaa Nyame (Amen and Ament – Kanit/Kamit Language) and given based on the day of your birth. Afia is a name given to females born on Fida, aka Friday.  Friday is ruled by and represented by the planet Venus or Abosom (deity) Nana Afi.  Nana Afi translates to Osun in Yoruba Culture, Azilie in Voodoun, and is also known as Het Heru in Kanit/Kamit (Nubia/Egypt). She personifies the magnetic, attracting force of life and unites things harmoniously. As a daughter of Nana Afi/Het Heru I embody these energies and work to stay in alignment with them. Asaase is a title of the Earth Mother.  BreTuo is the name of my Matrilineal clan, a clan of warriors known for their bravery, skill and protection that is personified by my clan totem, the leopard. Oyonko is my last name and the name I received from my husband and Ohenni (King). It is derived from his bloodline and is the clan of royal heritage in the Akan tradition.


2) What do you do artistically/professionally and how long have you been doing this work?  When did you get your nudge from the universe to do your work?

Living in alignment with my divinely allotted function is my life’s artistic pursuit and profession.  Everything I do in this incarnation I consider artful practice and ritual. My expressions vary and range from Visual Art and Meditative Drawings, Massage Therapy and Reikii, Hoodoo Healing and Conjure Work, Dance, Dream Catcher Weaving, Ritually Crafting Healing Teas and Tonics and Holistic Bath and Body Care, Music and More. I have always been supported by the Universe, My Spiritually cultivated Ancestors and Ancestress, Nana Afi and The Supreme Being Nyamewaa-Nyame, to create and explore harmoniously and fulfill my role in Creation during this incarnation. It is a continual journey of self-discovery.   In addition to this, my artistic expression has extended, in its form and function, in the realm of self sustainability, nation building and entrepreneurship.

3) What is your spiritual tradition/practice and how long have you been involved in this tradition/practice?

Afurakani-Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Religion of the Akan is the spiritual tradition I live and embody.  It exist in my blood and throughout my whole life has been bringing me home to its center.

4) What is your life’s philosophy?

My life’s philosophy can be summed up as Obra Bo. It means an ethical existence and generativity for Afurakani-Afuraitkaitnit people and the eradication and destruction of those entities and energies that are enemies to Afurakani-Afuraitkaitnit people.


5) What does the Divine Feminine mean to you?

The Divine Feminine is one half of the Supreme Whole.  It is the magnetic house of creation that births form from its constant dance with the divine masculine Nyamewaa- Nyame Nhyehye (Divine Order of the Supreme Being).

6) What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

That the only way out is in… That the foundation of my existence is based on the Divine Law and Love of my Ancestral Culture and Tradition and that no matter where I am in life, I can Sankofa (go/return and fetch) and receive Divine guidance and support from my spiritually cultivated Ancestresses and Ancestors and Okraa Nana Afi.

7) What is your website and what are some of the services you offer?!about-/cheh

Enchanted Farmacy attunes to the resources of wisdom based intelligence and technologies inherent to the Womb of Earth for Sustainable Wellness, Beautification and Nourishment.

Our products and services are formulated to celebrate and actualize the raising of vibrational awareness and energy. Balance and Harmony are the roots of Beauty.

Our signature collection unites and alchemizes natures’ elements. We compose formulas of sea, earth, air, water and fire for purification and beautification.

The Harmony Of Abode

All In One Place

Ritually Made With Love


African Liberation, All Life, Prosperity and Health unto you, Thank you!


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