Thoughts on Radical Healing

I’ve been reflecting much on what radical healing and wellness is and the work of River of Honey Wellness. For almost a decade, I’ve been learning various aspects of wellness, as well as intentionally developing my political consciousness as a New Afrikan, along with learning about and eventually initiating in the Yoruba tradition.

It’s important to me that these things — wellness, a politics of Black liberation, and African spirituality — inform my work and inform each other in the ways that I work. How can be a priestess but ignore Black people’s need for mental, physical, and emotional, and material healing and wholeness? How can I be a community organizer and ignore spirituality and its ability to be a tool for liberation? How can I focus on wellness and ignore the dire material conditions of African people?

River of Honey is a space for these three aspects of my work to come together, and there are a few other projects I’m working on that will be much more community-involved (look out 2016!). In the meantime I wanted to share my thoughts regarding the specific work of River of Honey.

Core Values/Core Action


1)Openness to Spirit: River of Honey promotes an openness to the work of Spirit within ourselves (intuition and higher self), in others as we work in community, and in the various spiritual paths created and channelled through the divine.

2) Self-love and Self-care: This is vital, especially for Black women, who give 100 percent for our partners, children, and our community, often leaving nothing for our own healing and creativity. River of Honey Wellness supports and provides resources and supports for self-love and self-care.

3) Holistic Liberation and Radical Healing: True liberation must be holistic (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and materially) and we only realize holistic liberation through radical healing – pulling up the roots of our individual and social sicknesses and replacing them with healing and wholeness.

4) Utilizing our gifts/talents/medicine to bring about the Good Condition:  Our ancestors have taught us that we each were born with a medicine – something we uniquely came into the world with to bring about what Ifa calls The Good Condition. Human beings have the specific purpose of bringing goodness into the world and we do this by utilizing our gifts and talents to bring about  positivity and goodness.

5) Natural and Sustainable Living: The way of life that maintains capitalism and consumerism is making the planet and all who dwell here sick. We must return to the natural and sustainable ways of our ancestors, whose spirituality and ecology went hand-in-hand.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and know that this is all a work in progress.

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