New Moon in Taurus: Spiritual Manifestation

New Moon sign

New Moon May 2016: Taurus-Scorpio

May 6, 2016 at 17:29

19 degrees Taurus (tropical); 24 degrees Aries (sidereal)

“somebody/ anybody
sing a black girl’s song
bring her out
to know herself
to know you
but sing her rhythms
carin/ struggle/ hard times
sing her song of life
she’s been dead so long
closed in silence so long
she doesn’t know the sound
of her own voice
her infinite beauty
she’s half-notes scattered
without rhythm/ no tune
sing her sighs
sing the song of her possibilities
sing a righteous gospel
let her be born
let her be born
& handled warmly.”

Ntozake Shange, for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf

Fertility and abundance is stirring in the air at this time as the fullness of the season blooms with intensity and fervor.  Both Taurus and Scorpio, the signs ruling the season right now, are signs of intensity and sensuality; the depth of the emotions (Scorpio/Water) and the height of sensual input (Taurus/Earth) come together like water and earth, creating a fertile matrix ripe for rich manifestations.

During this New Moon we have several powerful forces at play creating dynamic influences: the energy of Aries, the sidereal energy of this New Moon, calls us to look within and to assert our own identity and independence along with several planetary aspects involving Venus (attraction and feminine energy) and Jupiter (expansion and movement).  This New Moon is also a supermoon, so the Moon is closer to earth than normal. We can expect Her effects to be that much more intensified in our lives.

May begins with 5 (yes 5, that’s Oshun’s number!) in retrograde, meaning that from Earth, it looks like this planets are moving backwards.  Retrograde planets are both a curse and a blessing, or at least feel like a curse!  When planets go retrograde the dissolve all normalcy. What we are used to clinging to for support and security are no longer guaranteed.  The blessing is that retrograde periods encourage us to go within to connect with out own truth as we get pushed beyond our comfort zones.

The planets in retrograde are:

  • Mercury, the trickster who rules communication: This is a time when communication and movement in general can go awry.  Be intentional with your words.  Mercury retrogrades 4 times this year, in each earth signs.  We are being urged to pay attention to how we relate to physical reality: our physical environment, our money, our possessions, and our physical bodies.
  • Mars, the warrior: Stubbornness and unnecessary strife are possible.  Use your Mars energy towards competing with yourself to outdo previous goals instead of competing against others.
  • Jupiter, the benevolent optimist: In retrograde, Jupiter calls us to look within to connect with our source of growth and development.  Jupiter reminds us that soul growth is intentional.
  • Saturn, the karmic law-keeper: Saturn is the planet of karma and (perceived) limitations.  In retrograde there is a strong tendency to be highly critical of yourself.  There is also a strong tendency to have extreme focus towards meeting goals.  Don’t allow for negative self-talk.  Make sure you schedule time to focus on your priorities.
  • Pluto, the subversive revolutionary: Pluto is always tearing things up, ripping to shreds whatever is no longer useful.  Pluto in retrograde removes internal obstacles.  This can be painful if we fight against our inner transformation.  It’s best to surrender and allow ourselves to be elevated and transformed.


Oshun Is All Up In This!

oshun3Oshun’s energy is all up in this new moon!  Oshun, the orisha (Yoruba deity) of love, attraction, beauty, and sensuality is a deity of water — bringing nourishment and life-giving energy — but she is also of the earth, as she manifests as abundance, fertility, and the coursing rhythms of female sexuality and sensuality.  Oshun calls whom She wants to Her honey pot with no shame, knowing and relishing in Her ability to give and receive ultimate pleasure.  During this New Moon, Oshun reminds Black women, her daughters, of this sacred gift that should be used with the fullness of our agency, no one else’s.

Venus, the planet of the feminine divine, dances with both Neptune, the deep-ocean planet of mystical awareness and experiences, and Virgo, the earthy planet of work and harvest. These forces in our lives attract energies of spiritual manifestation and sensual mysticism where we can both manifest our magic and lose ourselves through intentional sensual participation to transform and elevate Self.

The Sun, force of life that animates Earth, is in a positive flow (in astro terms, we call it a Trine which is a super-positive planetary aspect) with Jupiter, the benevolent and optimistic planet of expansion and Pluto, the subversive planet that tears down and eliminates anything unnecessary to growth and development. This is a time of both building up and tearing down; we build up our inner selves and use our magic to progress towards our goals to harvest the fruit of our creative energies while also destroying what holds is back, what keeps us boxed in, and what prevents us from blossoming.

“How is believing that you are anything less than love working out for you?”

– India Ame’ye

The Sun and Mercury, the trickster planet of movement and communication, are in an embrace during this Moon Time so expect in increase in intensified communication; poetic communication, words and tones of sensuality; this is a time for artists (especially of the written and spoken word) to create and manifest. Put honey on your tongue and ask Oshun to make your words sweet and smooth, to bring healing to yourself and others.

Moon Focus: Take advantage of this easy flow of energy towards attracting the tangible and subtle resources needed to manifest goals — making vision boards and brain maps isn’t just for the new year. Whatever you have been pondering and considering in your heart, write the vision down and make it plain. Write down the plan and begin executing.  Manifest your dreams into tangible reality. 


Suggested Moon Activities:

  • walk on the earth with your bare feet and ask Her take any negative emotions and energies
  • give oranges and honey to Oshun at the river and pray to Her
  • sit under a tree and listen to what it has to say
  • gather materials, snacks, and wine and have a vision board party
  • start a new creative project you’ve been thinking about doing…stop thinking…just start!

Additional Magical Moon Information:

  • Chakra: sacral
  • Color: green, orange, pink
  • Element: earth (and water)
  • Herbs: cinnamon, vanilla, jasmine, raspberry leaf, chamomile
  • Scents: jasmine, rose, lavender
  • Stones: rose quartz, citrine, carnelian, moonstone



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